How to train and what to do in the off-season?

With the onset of late autumn, pulling yourself out for a workout or jog in the dark and cold seems like something fantastic. You can't really ride a bike, but you can't swim on a wakeboard, canoe, or kayak. But still, you need to keep in shape somehow. After a variety of summer activities, it's boring to just go to the gym. We offer several options for how to make sports activities more interesting.


For avid runners, rain, wind and snow are not a hindrance. But for most people in the autumn-winter period, it is more convenient to switch to a treadmill (treadmill). Studies have shown that there are no significant differences between these types of running that would affect the effectiveness of training. The main advantage of treadmill is its independence from weather conditions. But at the same time, training may seem more boring due to the monotony of the environment.

Take advantage of treadmill classes to work out your technique. In addition, here you can adjust the slope and surface of the track yourself. For example, you can complicate your training by setting a long climb mode, or bring your classes closer to natural conditions by choosing a slope of 1-2% and a hard surface. To better analyze your own technique, try shooting treadmill classes on camera. Treadmill gives you more control over your pace and distance. And by the new season, your running characteristics will already be a level higher.


Even if you don't plan on becoming a professional swimmer, visiting the pool in the off-season will be a great way to maintain and even improve your fitness, as well as increase your body's endurance. Swimming training has a number of advantages:

  • effectiveness in burning fat cells. In 1 hour of training, you lose about 500 calories;
  • pumping all muscles and developing their elasticity;
  • improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • lung training;
  • strengthening bones and joints;
  • stress relief;
  • improved sleep.

If you have been training before, then in the off-season it is time to improve your technique and think about changing your coach, place of training or swimming style, if necessary.

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